Tamara Hoffa

Romance that makes you sigh...

Romance For Charity: Fifteen Book Boxed Set!

The Heartbreaker- Tricia Anderson
Destiny’s Calling -Tracy Broemmer
Kincade's Rose -Aliyah Burke
CADE- V.A. Dold
Cade And Annna - HEA V.A. Dold
Urban Legends- Leanore Elliott

Matheau- Lanna Farrell

HERS TO BEAR- Tamara Hoffa
Intimate Strangers- Tara Mills
Touch- Ashlynn Monroe
One Last Sunset- Michel Prince
In Pieces- Noelle Rahn-Johnson
Sunsets And New Beginnings-Teri Riggs

Playing For Keeps- Michele Shriver


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Hell Yeah!: Sensing Love

(Kindle Worlds Novella)

     He finally found his soul mate, only to see her violently murdered. All in a dream. Sometimes it’s hell to be a psychic. Mataus Montoya has a mission. Find the woman of his dreams, and change her destiny.
      Cara “Mo” Konklin runs Mighty Mo’s, a program for underprivileged children, on her ranch in Prairieville, Louisiana. The former soldier has no time for love and no belief in psychic mumbo jumbo, but when fate throws an abused child in her path, literally. And the crazy psychic’s predictions all come true, including the one that he is the other half of her soul. What is a sensible soldier to do?

     Together, Mo and Mataus must protect the child in her care and fight the unknown evil that stalks her in the darkness. Mataus sensed his love, but will his gift be enough to save her or will fortune steal their happily ever after?

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